Will the FCC drop the ban on the f-word, nudity?

Studio-Broadcasting-Camps-2The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced it is considering dropping current decency standards that ban explicit profanity and “non-sexual” nudity. Read the FCC press release HERE

If enacted, the new FCC policy would allow network television and local radio stations to air the f-word, the s-word and allow programs to show frontal female nudity, even during hours when they know children will be watching and listening. They only want to investigate the most “egregious cases” of indecencies.

ACT NOW to urge the FCC to reject any changes to the current policy. To be effective, you must file a formal comment on the FCC’s website.

Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure your comment is accepted:

1. Go to http://apps.fcc.gov/ecfs/upload/begin?procName=&filedFrom=X
2. Enter the code “13-86” in the “Proceeding Number” box and fill out the few remaining required fields.
3. Enter your comment in the text box provided and click “Continue.”
4. From there, review your comment and click “Confirm.”Sample Comment: 
I oppose any changes to the current FCC indecency standards that would allow television and radio stations to broadcast expletives and nudity on the public airwaves, even if brief or “fleeting.”The Supreme Court has confirmed the FCC’s authority to enforce policies regarding expletives and nudity, especially during times when children are likely to be watching or listening.Relaxing the current policy would not serve the public interest and I urge the FCC to reject all proposals that would allow for the broadcast of expletives and nudity on FCC-licensed stations.



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