SUPPORT – Parents’ Right to OPT-IN to Sex ED – HB 2620

Parents need to be fully informed and invited in a positive way to review sex education materials. It is a concern that highly objectionable national programs are being adopted and are not in alignment with Kansas’s values. A simple field trip requires parental approval; sex education should have equal weight if not more.
660-School-poster(CAUTION) Although the school defended the poster as part of their approved sex ed. instruction for Jr. High, it is hard to read)
The poster, in part reads: HOW DO PEOPLE EXPRESS THEIR SEXUAL FEELINGS?…Oral Sex, Sexual Fantasy, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Grinding, Vaginal Intercourse, Touching Each Others Genitals…Mark Ellis confronted the Shawnee Mission KS. Jr. High School after his 13 year old daughter brought home this picture of a depraved sex education poster posted by the administration in her class.The school had the nerve to call it “abstinence” education.
HB 2620 LINK
Phillip Cosby’s Testimony

TAKE ACTION – on HB 2620 – “Opt-In – Parental review of Sex Ed Materials


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