Phillip Cosby

State Director

Phillip is the State Director of the AFA Kansas & Missouri regional office.

Prior to AFA-KsMo Phillip was the National Coalition Regional Director for 5 years and Founder of Operation Prairie Wind in 2003. All these missions were directed towards the issue of sexual purity and the dangers of pornography. Phillip served honorably for twenty-two years in the United States Army before retiring in October 2003.

Phillip has shown leadership in activating and empowering multiple communities in Kansas to address the harmful secondary effects associated with sexually oriented businesses (SOBs).  He has called for Grand Jury investigations, indictments, criminal obscenity trials and passage of SOB zoning ordinances, passing state wide legislative actions.  He continues to successfully introduce bills and testify before the Kansas legislature in support of bills aimed at creating laws to protect families and confront the dangers of pornography and obscenity.

In addition, Phillip has taken an aggressive position against the flood of today’s sexually explicit messages and their deleterious effect on families and children.  His bold and straight forward “supply sided” strategy against the sex industry not only raises the conversation in communities about the dangers of pornography but also increases the awareness and ministry within the Church of pornography’s often understated threat.

Phillip has a degree in Human Resource Management from Friends University of Wichita, Kansas. His wife, Cathy, is a retired detective with the police department and they have six children and eight grandchildren.

Phillip Speaks at Colonial Presbyterian Church – January 2012

Confronting a Sexualized Culture from Colonial Presbyterian Church on Vimeo.

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