Pastor’s Commendations


“Phillip Cosby is fighting a fight that is more urgent now than ever! The Church has stood silent for far too long regarding a multi-billion dollar industry that is destroying hearts and homes in our society by the hundreds of thousands! Pornography and our sexualized society is stealing our kids, destroying our families, and wreaking havoc in our churches from those in the pulpit to the pews. Will you stand and fight with Phil Cosby and other churches and pastors in our area to push back the darkness by shining heaven’s light! His message is one of clarity in a world of moral anarchy. It is full of conviction but equally full of compassion. His message and ministry is one that needs to be heard by everyone everywhere.”

Phil Hopper, Senior Pastor, Abundant Life Baptist Church, Lee’s Summit, Mo.

A Recommendation from Jim West

After meeting with Phillip Cosby, I sensed the Lord prompting me to invite Phil to speak from Colonial’s pulpit regarding our over-sexualized culture in America.  His message was very direct, biblically based, and appropriately uncomfortable!  Many of our people were shocked and amazed by what they learned, which was necessary to awaken the church to the challenges we face, particularly our young people.  As a result, many of our groups began to pray for sexual purity to be restored in our lives, our families, and our country.  We also had several parents take their kids to the sexual purity conferences.

Phil’s message can be viewed on our website ( for pastors or leaders interested in learning more about Phil’s message and approach, particularly within the context of a worship environment. The link directly to Phil’s message at Colonial is:

I’m grateful for Phil’s ministry and tenacity…we need a thousand more just like him.

Jim West–Lead Pastor | Colonial Presbyterian Church | Kansas City, MO and Overland Park, KS


Your recent message at Lenexa Baptist on God’s expectation of sexual purity was powerful.

Thanks for reminding us once again about the destructive nature of pornography and the pandemic effects it is having on our culture and our families.

I appreciated the way you spoke with conviction and clarity about these moral ills of our day.

I know that you have been called of God to be the voice crying in the wilderness about an issue far too many churches never address, that being sexual sin.

Thanks for your friendship and I pray that your prophetic voice would be heard in the churches of our city and our two states, so keep up the good work.

Know that I am praying for you and your ministry. Hebrews 6:10

Pastor Steve Dighton, Lenexa Baptist Church

Our church has been blessed to host Phil and Cathy Cosby on several occasions.  Their ministry is not only necessary, but extremely timely.  Our culture has moved quickly from relative morality, to immorality, to gross moral irresponsibility.  We have embraced the concept of calling “good” “bad” and “bad” “good”.  Given their work experience and moral compass regarding the areas of pornography, sex trafficking, and family dysfunction Phil and Cathy team up to present a winning strategy to fight these social ills.  Theirs is not a strategy that relies upon our strength to resist such temptation (although we are called to flee from evil), but rather a strategy built upon the Lord’s ability to move the hearts of those in authority that they may protect the citizenry.

I have been especially thankful that Phil has allowed us to work alongside their ministry to the extent we are comfortable doing so.  We do not feel we must be involved in every battle.  However Phil keeps us posted as to what is going on and how we can participate in winning back the culture.  May the Lord truly bless their efforts and may you know that I am thankful the Lord has directed them to the Kansas City Metro for such a time as this.  You will not be disappointed if you invite them to speak to your group or church.

Darrell D. Godfrey, Pastor, Shawnee Bible Church

Phil Cosby has heard the call of God to be a watchman on the wall to mobilize the church and alert our culture concerning the moral degradation all around us. His courage and faithfulness are an example of faith in Christ in action. He understands the battle – the culture must be confronted and real freedom of the soul is found in Jesus Christ. The people of First Baptist Church of Shawnee were both blessed and challenged by his forthright, grace-filled presentation. I would recommend Br. Phil to any pastor seeking how their congregation can be mobilized to pray, know personal freedom, and actively stand for moral purity.

Pastor Bob Hartmann 1st Baptist Church of Shawnee Kansas

Dear Friends,

Several months ago, we invited Phil and Cathy Cosby to our morning worship service to share with our church their on-going ministry in raising the awareness of Christians to the dangers and spread of pornography and so-called “adult entertainment” (legally known as Sexually Oriented Businesses).

Phil shared his experience in mobilizing Christians to resist the spread of pornography and “S.O.B’s.”  He also spoke about the need for purity in the church and health in the area of sexuality.  His presentation was well-organized, professional, not sensationalistic nor overly emotional.  He used stories, facts, and information to provoke thought, raise awareness and point the way to action.  His demeanor was positive and hopeful.  He did not scold and shame our people or Christians in general.  He achieved a very helpful balance between the problem and possible responses.

I have known Phil and Cathy for several years.  They are not “crusaders.”  They are Christians.  As such, they are committed to bring freedom from sin and healing to individuals and communities.  Cathy brings a wealth of experience and understanding from her many years in law enforcement.  She is a great encourager of those whose lives have been broken.

It’s my belief, there are two kinds of churches, those who know their people struggle with sexual sin and seek to bring help and healing, and those who have people who struggle with sexual sin and the church won’t admit it.  Therefore, people do not receive the help and healing they desperately need.

Therefore, please consider this as both a recommendation and a plea to allow the Cosbys the opportunity to bring their ministry to your church.

Kenneth S. Lightcap, Sr. Pastor
Nall Avenue Church of the Nazarene