Overland Park Sculpture

      In early May of 2012, Joanne Hughes was walking in the Overland Park Arboretum with her husband and children. They were shockingly confronted with a bronze sculpture of a headless woman with aroused, naked breasts, taking a picture of herself.  Joanne was moved to call Overland park officials only to discover that no one she spoke to thought that there was any problem with exposing children to the sculpture.  Joanne disagreed and she started an online petition to give citizens a voice in the matter.  However, Overland Park refused to hear from the 2700+ citizens and denied her request for a hearing. So…Joanne contacted us.
We met with the mayor of Overland Park, KS and his staff, asking that the sculpture be removed from what Overland Park celebrates as a destination for children.  They call it art appropriate for all ages and we contend that it is the crime of promoting obscenity to a minor.
Because of the harmful effects of sexualized images on children, it is against the law to promote obscenity to minors.  When elected leadership becomes indifferent to the law,    WE…THE PEOPLE… have the right to call a Grand Jury to investigate.

We need registered voters in Johnson County, KS to take action and help us gather the 4,500 signatures required to call the Grand Jury.

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Depiction of sculpture in question: The sculpture is of a female exposing her fully nude breasts, in an aroused state, portraying with a camera the act of what has become commonly known as “sexting” or the digital manufacture of pornography/obscenity.

CLICK HERE to hear how a young boy reacted to the sculpture...during Fox 4 News Interview of Joanne Hughes.

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