KS Legislative Update 2013

signature pendingGOOD NEWS, THANKS BE TO GOD & Thank YOU for your actions in contacting your Kansas legislators.

We can now celebrate that three of the four bills we introduced are headed to Governor Sam Brownback for signature.

They are;  the Children’s Internet protection Act which requires Internet filters on FilteringPicall Kansas public schools K-12 and public libraries.

fsg-crime-scene-response-unit-01The Reporting  of the Presence of Pornographic Materials during the investigation of sex crimes.  The goal of this bill is a future class action lawsuit against the porn industry similar to tobacco and cancer judgements for damages.  Kansas is the first state to examine this data for possible cause and effect.

The Improvements to the Citizens Grand Jury Process, 
insuring it’s independent investigative charge and insulating it from manipulations of institutional powers.  The Kansas legislature did agree that the peoples court process, while addressing obscenity and pro-life questions, had been most likely under, or ill-informed multiple times. This Kansas peoples court will now be the envy of other states as we rediscover and revived the original constitutional intent of the Citizens Grand Jury. It was never intended to be the prosecutors lap dog, it is an ancient watchdog for when the king becomes indifferent through cronyism, collusion and corruption.  A free and independent court for a free and independent people! 

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