KS – Citizen’s Grand Jury (CGJ) Talking Points

“A free and independent court for a free and independent people”

The Grand Jury system is pre colonial and enshrined in the U.S. constitution. In Kansas the process is statutory.  The current verbiage framing the Citizens Grand Jury (CGJ) by petition is too easily influenced by power, rendering the Kansas CGJ tool ineffective and disenfranchised as a truly independent, investigative / accusatory citizens remedy.

Components that need attention to improve the KS CGJ system are:
* Fully instruct, empower and insulate the CGJ
* Judge Assignment / Challenge
* Jury Selection Process
* Citizen Access to Deliver Testimony and Evidence
* Petition Sponsor Has Standing and Involved
* Independent Legal Counsel Selection
* Indictments Acted Upon.

The re-crafting of the Kansas Grand Jury by Petition law will revive it’s intended robust independence, insulated from and resistant to manipulation by those same positions in power, who either by indifference, corruption or collusion have turned a blind eye to the law(s) and the peoples concerns in the first place.

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