If NOT Facebook – Then What?!

Have you heard? Kid leaving Facebook for social media that’s a little less “parent friendly.” Large-FREE-SOCIAL-MEDIA-VECTOR-ICONS
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A few apps you should be aware of:

Instgram Instagram
is a very popular photo sharing app. At first glance, it may seem harmless, but it’s a public forum and if the account isn’t set up correctly, ANYONE can follow your child & steal their pictures. Late last year, Instagram faced public controversy when they changed their terms of service to reflect that they owned all of the user content shared on their platform. Meaning they can use whatever is shared however they want. Parents should understand the terms of service for every app.
is one of the top free downloaded apps with users sending more than 20 million “snaps” every day. Here’s how it works: Someone can send you a picture through the app and control how long you see it, up to 10 seconds. Many users thing the picture disappears forever. But you can actually take a scree shot of the picture and it will stay in the photo library. People still don’t realize that nothing is ever gone on the internet. This app is recognized by law enforcement at the #1 app for sexting. Snapchat recently launched SnapKidz, a new feature of the app made for kids under 13. With SnapKidz children will be able to use Snapchat as a drawing app, or to caption photos they take – but they won’t be able to share those drawings or photos with others.
twitter-logoTwitter is known for its 140 character-limit status updates called tweets. Twitter’s current teen population is 22%. When you sign up for Twitter, you’ll search for people by name. So even if your child’s username is not their real name, it will still appear in the results if they registered their account with their real name.
VineVine is also a very popular app in this video crazed age. It allows users to share six second looping videos. It has a strong  reputation for having pornographic content that can be shared with thousands of users.

ChatHOO?ChatHOO? open options to for users to chat with other people. People can just randomly message you – other cities, states – no rules, no filters – Anything goes.

More resource for parents: HERE

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