Garbage In, Garbage Out!


Credit: LA Times

The Pentagon reported 26,000 military sexual assaults in 2011 (News Article). Secretary of Defense Hagel and President Obama voiced “outrage” and demanded a “cultural change” to end sexual assaults in the military (See news story on recent shocking arrest). More could be said about the social experimentation within the military and recent policy changes announcing women in close quarter/front line combat roles, but let’s concentrate on the obvious link, relative to the recent news about sexual assaults.

Yesterday at an Army PX I counted 38 separate magazines categorized as “sexually explicated.” Does it makes sense to have a policy promoting sexually explicit materials in military outlets and then puzzle over the increase of sexual assaults? This is a classic garbage in, garbage out scenario! Congress directed the military to examine their position on “sexually explicit materials” with the Military Honor and Decency Act. In 2006 the military reviewed their pornographic materials and continued a boys will be boys policy. At best it’s naive to think that a “Just Say No” policy will work to curb sexual assaults in the Armed Forces.

Kansas just enacted a law requiring the reporting of sexually explicit materials during the investigation of sexual crimes. Kansas is connecting the dots. It would serve the men and women who serve our country well if Secretary Hagel would do the same.


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