Sexually Explicit Material Reporting Act (Law Enforcement)

Urge the KS House to pass the bill to report the presence of sexually explicit materials while investigating sexual crimes!

SB92 Assigned to House Committee on Corrections & Juvenile Justice
Status:  Passed the Committee – Headed to the full House
Witness Testimony:
Phillip Cosby, State Dir., AFA-KSMO
Mary Anne Layden, PhD, Dir. Sexual Trauma & Psychopathology Program
Currie Meyers, PhD, Professor of Criminology & Retired Sheriff

The U.S. Department of Justice released a report to law enforcement reinforcing the intent around the Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) Federal Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 Public Law 106-386. The report linked pornography with the victimization of children, sexual trafficking and the incidents of other sexual crimes such as rape and sodomy. Pornography was showcased as a catalyst, fueling fantasy-driven criminal behavior.  Quantifying pornography’s deleterious effects is critical in applying remedies to reduce those effects. This bill passed the Kansas House (HB 2042) in Feb 2011by a vote of 119 yea; 2 nay. It died in a Senate committee.