Book Review: “The Seven Desires of Every Heart” by Mark & Debra Laaser

If love has a language, then authors Mark and Debbie Laaser have uncovered the soul receptors for love in their book, The Seven Desires of Every Heart. Written in clear, conversational tone they describe the desires and how we are often wounded in seeking to have these desires fulfilled. They offer practical insights into why we have these desires, how we seek to meet them and tangible ways to correct bad habits or good intentions gone wrong. There is a sense of encouragement throughout the book with relevant “Points to Ponder” at the end of each chapter.

We think this book is great for anyone who wants to be an asset in their relationships.  The publisher says, “This book gives you the tools and skills you need to rebuild relationship and keep them rich in emotional and spiritual intimacy.” We couldn’t agree more!  Publisher: Zondervan; 2008. Available for purchase on the Laaser’s website: Faithful & True Ministries

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