2003-2010 Activity Summary

  • Grand Jury Petitions – Resulting in the investigation and indictments of 38 Pornography Outlets for the crime of promotion of obscenity – 30,000 signatures of registered voters in Kansas & Missouri.
  • 100 Pastors delivered Grand Jury Petitions to the six (6) KC Metro County Prosecutors. (140 churches participated)
  • Passage of Sexual Oriented Business Regulations in about 15 communities including Wyandotte County, KS,  Kansas City MO. Jackson County, MO and the entire state of Missouri.
  • Host the nation’s largest, two day Men of Valor, Women of Virtue and Youth for Truth Sexual Purity Conferences. Seven years with approximately 1,200 in attendance each year representing about 200 congregations, Catholic and Protestant alike.
  • On the Kansas City Trafficking Task Force and on the board of Veronica’s Voice, a charity to help victimized women and girls of Sex Trafficking.
  • Legislative testimonies to strengthen laws in Missouri and Kansas to protect families and communities from the sexualizing of the culture. An average of three bills are proposed in Kansas and Missouri each year with one bill becoming law each year.
  • Speaking in about sixty Churches, Schools and Civic Organizations each year on the subject of pornography and solutions to its toxic effects on individuals and communities.
  • Hosted numerous Professional Training Conferences for Counselors, Therapists and Pastors on Sexual Addictions.
  • Encourage local law enforecement and prosecutors to uphold obsecentiy and zoning laws.